Find Expired Domain – Users guide 2

Here we go again,

Now looking for dropped domain in a faster way. Check availability based on keywords.

There are 3 ways you can find Expired Domains:


This is, by far, the easiest way to find high authority expired domains related to your niche. Let´s say, your money site is about “domains” or “pbn” related.



Making a simple search, bigrollers will give us a list of results with domains containing “pbn” or “domain”. All those domains are available for registration.

Mostly are crap, so big rollers also give you all SEO metrics, so you can tell right away where to look for great domains



As you can see, all domains comes with PA/DA and Majestic TF/CF – and a link to their archived snapshots in, so we can check manually what type of content the domain had during its history. (Important to avoid spammy domains)


Scrolling down we can see some domains with “domain” included in their url:






Easy right? Start looking and registering great domains for less than 10$, build up your PBN, find great money sites or sell domains.